North Metro Based Snow Removal Company Provides Pricing Insights

Many home and business property owners inquire about snow removal services this time of year, especially the pricing structures. This is understandably important because a property owner’s budget is of utmost concern, because they need to be able to budget accordingly so they can afford the service. PLL Services, a provider of snow removal in Andover, MN sheds light on the different pricing options for snow plowing and ice control services for residential and commercial clients.

Snow plowing in Andover, MN

1. Per Visit/Per Push

This pricing model is commonly used for residential and commercial properties. It’s a very straight forward approach. Each visit to the property (or “push” as industry insiders would call it) is billed at the agreed upon rate. Where there is slight variability is the frequency of services rendered for snow events. An expert snow removal contractor will service a property once for smaller accumulations of 1″-4″ after the snow is done falling. Snow events with 5″-10″ will usually involve two visits – once during the event and once again after snowfall cessation. For the larger storms with 10″-12″ or more, your property will be visited at least three times – twice during the event and once after to clean everything up. Clients should be aware of these clauses in the snow removal contracts they sign.

2. Fixed Monthly Rate/Seasonal

Clients pay a fixed monthly price for services. These contracts will usually begin November 1st and provide coverage through March 31st. In the event of plowable snow before or after November 1st or April 1st, the client will be charged per visit for the frequencies based on snow depth. This pricing model is based on the weather history averages for how many events above whatever the trigger depth may be for the property (zero tolerance – services rendered no matter how much snow, .5”, 1”, 1.5”, or 2” trigger depths) using data available from the National Weather Service. 
Seasonal rates are priced similarly to a fixed monthly rate, but with all five months added together, some snow removal companies will offer a price discount of 3%-7% when clients pay for the entire season up front.

3. Time and Materials

This is primarily for commercial contracts, usually larger parking lots. Clients are billed based on the amount of man-hours spent working on-site, plus the volume of material used for de-icing (salt, sand, etc.) These agreements will usually include a 1/2 or 1 hour minimum for time spent snow-blowing or plowing, and a weight minimum applied for salting rates.

Extra Snow Removal and Ice Control Services

Other services can be added on to these pricing models – such as salt applications for residential properties, snow pile stacking and on-site relocation, or hauling off-site. PLL Services in Andover, MN provides commercial and residential clients with snow plowing, sidewalk snow removal and ice control services throughout the winter. Contact their team today to set up a snow removal plan for your property.