Tips For Homeowners To Prepare Their Andover, Minnesota Lawn and Landscaping For Winter

Winter is coming to Minnesota, and you want your lawn to be ready to face the harsh temperatures. As premier Andover, MN landscaping company, PLL Services has tips that will prepare your outdoor space to withstand the upcoming cold.

The autumn months are the time to get your landscaping ready for the long freeze. Like hibernating bears, your grass and other plants need nutrients and care to carry them through a period of dormancy. With the right autumn lawn and landscaping preparation, your outdoor space will be healthy and green once the warm temperatures of spring arrive.

Fall Lawn Care Tips

The summer months are all about growth. The grass grows quickly and requires weekly mowing to stay under control. Things start to slow down as the temperatures begin to drop and the days get shorter, it is the right time to feed your lawn precious nutrients.

1. Fertilizing

Fertilizing your lawn in the fall is an important step in winter preparation. The grass is putting less energy into growing, so this is the right time to add nutrients that the plants can use in the spring. You want to fertilize your lawn one final time in September or early October.

2. Aeration

When you want to prepare your yard for winter, aeration allows fresh air, nutrients and water to get to the roots of your grass. Aerating your lawn at some point between late August and October will give your grass time to stock up on nutrients. You will have well-nourished roots waiting to sprout healthy green grass come spring.

3. Watering

Homeowners often wonder how long they should water their lawns into the fall. It is best the continue watering throughout October until your sprinkler system is blown out. Continue mowing the lawn shorter each week by 1/2″ through the week of Halloween.

4. Leaf Removal

It is crucial to avoid leaving piles of leaves overtop your turf. A thick layer of leaves will prevent sunlight and airflow from reaching your turf, which can choke them out and lead to mold.

Fall Landscaping Tips

Caring for your landscaping in Andover before winter provides another challenge. Mature trees and annuals have a root system that is strong enough to help them survive the harsh conditions, but other elements need a little help.

1. Shrubs

If your property has a new or recently renovated landscaping, it is best practice to make sure your shrubs get ample water through October to set them up for success. Another tip for landscape features is to avoid pruning shrubs too close to the winter. At this time, the plant is transitioning into its dormant phase, making it more difficult to recover from the cutting. Wait until the spring to trim your shrubs.

2. Perennial Cutbacks

There is an exception for perennial shrubs such as Hostas, Daylilies, ornamental grasses, etc. – at the very end of the season (often during leaf removal) is the best time to cut them back to about 1″ in height above the surface of the ground to allow for new growth to sprout in the spring.

Winterizing Equipment

For those who do their own yard work – your lawn equipment: mowers, trimmers, blowers, and hedge pruners must be winterized. The best option is to add a fuel stabilizer to the gas tank of each piece of equipment before the final mowing and leaf clean up, and ideally operate the equipment as normal until it is out of fuel completely. 

PLL Services in Andover, MN is the area’s go-to landscaping company. If it sounds like a lot of work to prepare the yard for winter, our team is ready to help. Contact us today to learn more about our fall clean up and winter preparation services.