Mosquito Control Spraying

PLL Services offers effective and safe mosquito control spraying in Andover, MN and surrounding areas to residential and commercial clients.

Enjoy Evenings Outside Without Mosquitos

Summers in Minnesota are short enough as is, continue enjoying the warm weather even after the sun has gone down with our mosquito control spraying services. Not only are mosquitos incredibly annoying with their insufferable buzzing and itching after they bite, but they can also transmit diseases such as Zika, West Nile and other potentially dangerous illnesses. We utilize the strongest and dependable mosquito barrier control products on the market that not only repels mosquitos but also eradicates the existing population and larvae. Request an estimate to schedule mosquito control spraying at your Andover, MN property. 

Our Mosquito Control Process

Our barrier spray method is the most potent way to control mosquitos on your property. Our highly trained team arrives at your property and begins to treat turf, landscaping and other areas with a spray applicator equipped on a backpack blower. During the application, our technician targets all areas where mosquitos may reside or hang out. This treatment eliminates the approximately 85-90% of mosquitos upon contact and repels them for up to three weeks following the application.

We offer a multi-application program where our mosquito control crew will visit your property every three weeks to spray throughout the active mosquito season. If you are planning an event or get-together at your home, we also offer one-time applications so that you can enjoy the time outside without having to wear insect repellent or swat at mosquitos all night long. Spots do fill up fast, request a quote today!

Andover MN mosquito control

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