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Establish a new lawn or increase the thickness of your existing turf with our hydroseeding or traditional seeding services for residential and commercial clients in Andover, MN and through the metro.

Professional Lawn Seeding Services

The condition of your lawn gives off the immediate first impression for all who visit your home or business property. Whether you just had a tree stump removed, or recently did some yard grading and need a new installation of grass seed to start over fresh, our turf specialists can help you select the ideal type of grass seed to apply. It is imperative that the right grass seed is selected for establishing turf based on the terrain, sun and shade ratio, soil type and watering availability. If your lawn area features large trees that do not allow a lot of sunlight to pass through during the growing season, traditional grass seed may not grow very strong compared to a variety that is specially formulated for shaded areas. Talk with our experts today by giving us a call to discuss your lawn renovation project and decide the best course of action for establishing a new lawn.

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A grass seed application (commonly referred to as overseeding) and lawn aeration go hand-in-hand when it comes to sprucing up your turf. Overseeding is best rendered immediately after a core aeration service because the seed can land in the newly formed holes and germinate in a shorter timespan because it is in contact with the soil. Not only does the hole in the soil create the perfect conditions for seeds to sprout, but as the plugs from aerating break down, they work similar to starter fertilizer to feed the new grass. Overseeding generates the best results when combined with an aeration service in the early fall. To learn more about our Andover lawn seeding services, get an estimate today.

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