Leaf Removal

Throw away the rake and allow our team to complete the momentous task of removing leaves and cleaning up your yard in the fall. 

Professional Leaf Removal & Fall Lawn Clean Up in Andover, MN

Removing leaves is a critical task that must be done to prepare your lawn for the upcoming winter. If leaves and other debris are left in your yard, this can lead to mold or other lawn diseases which can damage your grass and shrubs. The task of removing leaves from your lawn and landscape can be daunting to say the least. Most Minnesotan’s ideal autumn is not spending nights and weekends raking leaves into dozens of bags to then haul them to the compost site. Save your time and sanity this fall by giving us a call at (763) 203-8454 to schedule your leaf removal in Andover, MN and throughout the metro area. 

Our Typical Leaf Removal in Andover, MN Includes

Our fall yard clean up and leaf removal services are generally performed from mid-late October through the end of November if the weather permits. We can also provide weekly or bi-weekly leaf removal and clean up services once the leaves begin to fall during the autumn months and continue until all the leaves have fallen. Learn more about our Andover leaf removal by requesting an estimate

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