Yard Renovations/Removal

Our team’s specialized approach to lawn and landscape removal and renovation services in Andover, MN is the ideal remedy to remove and renovate your yard.

Complete Lawn and Landscape Renovations in Andover, MN

If your plants have become overgrown and are beyond salvageable, or your landscape beds have been taken over by invasive weeds. The best solution in most instances is to start over with a brand new lawn and landscape. Full-scale yard renovation projects are one of our specialities and our crews thoroughly enjoy taking part in the process of transforming a lawn or landscape that has seen better days, and overhauling it into a beautiful work of art. To get started with a landscape renovation project, schedule an estimate

Our Yard Removal and Renovation Process

1. Demolition – Every landscape renovation project begins with the removal process. For most projects this will involve heavy equipment dig out old trees, shrubs, mulch, rock and other debris within your landscape. If a lawn renovation project is also taking place, our crews will scrape away existing turf with a skid loader. All debris is hauled off-site.

2. Hardscape Construction – If a retaining wall or paver installation project is requested, it is constructed at this time. Once completed, our crews move on to the site prep phase.

3. Site PrepBlack dirt or topsoil is brought in for yard grading in areas where slope correction is needed. 

4. Landscape Installation – We begin preparing the locations for new landscape beds. Beginning with adding soil if needed, then installing edging, followed by planting trees and shrubs, then adding ground covering such as decorative rock or mulch

5. Irrigation System – Once all the landscaping work has been completed and the yard has been graded out, we install a new sprinkler system or perform necessary upgrades to your existing system for the new lawn and landscape areas. 

6. Sod and Finishing Work – Once all the landscaping has been built, lawn areas have been graded and the irrigation system has been installed/upgraded, it is time to lay new sod throughout the areas where turf will be present. Then with routine maintenance, you have a brand new outdoor space that will provide years of enjoyment!

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