Tree & Shrub Planting

Boost curb appeal and make your property “pop” with our tree and shrub planting services in Andover, MN and throughout the metro. 

Professional Tree & Shrub Installation in Andover, MN

Minnesota’s unique climate brings a wide range of temperatures, from bitter cold winters to hot, humid summers. Despite the wide spectrum of temperatures, the varieties of trees, shrubs and perennials that can be planted in your landscape is vast. Deciding on what plants to place in specified locations can become an overwhelming and time consuming process. Our team is well-versed on all things related to effectively planting trees and shrubs in Andover, MN and throughout the metro. From selecting the species that hold color interests that compliment your property, to ensuring each plant is placed in a location suitable for its own unique requirements such as sun/shade ratio, moisture content of the soil and more.

Your Tree & Shrub Planting Experts

Planting trees, shrubs and perennials may sound like a relatively simple task, however like any other aspect of your landscaping, your trees and shrubs are a long term investment. Many plants fail to prosper due to improper planting practices, follow up watering and routine maintenance. It is crucial to select the ideal planting locations on your property based on the individual needs of each tree and shrub. Whether you wish to renovate your existing landscape by removing trees and shrubs, and give your property an overhaul, or are building a new home or business property and need to build out your landscaping with shrubs and trees, our specialists are ready to take on the task to design and implement your planting project!

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