Outdoor Drainage

Practical solutions to all lawn and landscape drainage needs on residential and commercial properties in Andover, MN and throughout the metro. 

Professional Lawn and Landscape Drainage Repair

Are you noticing spongy spots or puddles forming in your lawn or landscaping after rain events? Is water seeping into your basement? Your home may have drainage problems. There are numerous causes to a property having problems with drainage. Beginning with an improper grade in your lawn areas or landscaping around the foundation of your house or other structure that could be directing water towards your building or house when it should be distributed away from structures. Drainage issues can also occur in newly built houses if the soil around the foundation was not back-filled and compacted down, or has settled unexpectedly. Our highly skilled landscape crew is well-versed in fixing drainage problems of all kinds on both residential and commercial properties. To get an assessment for solving drainage problems on your property, request an estimate.

Drain Tile and French Drain Installation

A French drain system involves the installation of drainage pipe or tile at the bottom of a trench filled with gravel. With a proper drain tile installation, water is routed to a designated area on the property. Many homeowners may view the installation of a drain tile system as a simple do-it-yourself project, however, a system that is not installed correctly can end doing more harm than good. Our well-equipped landscape crews will often times use laser-guided equipment to ensure the proper slope is maintained through the entire drain tile system. This allows for maximum water flow all year round and a properly functioning drainage system for years to come. 

Andover MN drainage solutions


Re-grading your yard or landscaping is the most natural approach to solving common drainage problems. During a grading project, our skilled equipment operators make the decision for the best course of action to manage the flow of water. Re-grading your lawn and landscape is also one the most cost-effective methods of correcting slopes to solve drainage problems. 

If your home or business property is encountering problems with outdoor drainage and a custom drainage solution is necessary, such as re-grading, a drain tile system, an underground catch basin, sump pump extension or a downspout extension, please get in touch with us today. 

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