Lawn Grading & Black Dirt

Whether you have just built a new home and require final grading with new black dirt, or wish to correct the slope to prevent water from invading your basement, trust the experts at PLL to get it done right.

Final Grading, Lawn Leveling and Slope Corrections

If you are noticing areas within your lawn that should be leveled out, whether it’s in the middle of the yard where your kids would play or near the foundation of your home, it’s likely you would benefit from our grading services. Nobody enjoys mowing a lawn that is filled with bumps and is uneven, the best choice to even out a rough yard is to scrape away the existing lawn, followed up with grading out the surface at a proper slope, and then installing sod. Beyond general grading work, we also provide final grading services for newly built homes and commercial structures. We can tailor a service package for your new property to include rough grading, and a final grade with new black dirt or topsoil to prepare the surface for the installation of an irrigation system and then sod to create your new lawn. To learn more about our grading services, request an estimate.

Black Dirt Delivery in Andover, MN and Surrounding Communities

Are you looking for black dirt or topsoil for a garden, or your next do-it-yourself landscaping project? We have black dirt and topsoil available for delivery to your property and can deliver black dirt anywhere in the north metro that is accessible to our dump trucks. 

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