Sprinkler Blowout

Prevent your sprinkler system from freezing with our professional irrigation winterization services for residential and commercial clients in Andover, MN and throughout the entire metro area.

Residential & Commercial Sprinkler Winterization Services

Before old man winter arrives and the cold weather and blizzards begin, it is imperative to winterize your sprinklers. If the water is not thoroughly removed from your irrigation system and then freezes, it can cause immense damage that will be costly to repair. The unfortunate result of not performing an irrigation blowout is often times a laundry-list of sprinkler repairs that must be rendered in the spring in order for your system to function optimally again. Prevention is key, so avoid the potentially enormous repair bills and contact us today to schedule your Andover, MN irrigation winterization.

Irrigation Blowout Service in Andover, MN

Blowing out an irrigation system may sound like a simple do-it-yourself project, however it can become complicated and potentially dangerous if one is not trained properly. For a blowout service, we utilize an industrial air compressor that is connected to your sprinkler system. Once it is connected and the main water valve is shut off, we apply the ideal amount of pressure to remove the water from the system. This process sends compressed air through all facets of your system to push the remaining water through until a fine mist is coming out of the sprinkler heads. We completely blow out each zone of your system, then detach our equipment and turn off your controller. Our pricing is affordable, but spots do fill up quickly! So schedule service to book your irrigation blowout. 

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